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The Cinemadness Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Adam, Alison, and Roman talk about movies and movie-related topics. This episode:

We play our first round of "Lost In Translation"

Adam reviews Rocketman

Roman Reviews Suspiria (2019)

Alison Reviews Dark Phoenix


No list this episode, as we all review The Evil Dead (1981) as we have seen it for the first time

Jun 19, 2019

Adam, Alison and Roman discuss

What trailers they saw the week of June 15, 2019

What movies they saw and how they rate.

Alison's List: Top Movies that take place in the summer season!


Ads_Dan Aykroyd Movies

Jun 8, 2019

Adam, Alison, and Roman discuss:

Trailers for Terminator: Dark Fate and Annabelle Comes Home

Reviews of: Detective Pikachu, The Hustle, and Halloween (2018)


Top 5 list: Adam's favorite films of 1982


Plus a special shoutout to Nick & Jason's Excellent Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

Adam, Alison and Roman talk about the news of the new Batman, The New Dark Crystal trailer and more news.

Reviews: Wine Country, Brightburn, Booksmart

List: Roman gives us his Top 5 movies that give him inspiration.