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The Cinemadness Podcast

Aug 25, 2019

Adam, Alison, and Roman take on the subject of "slump movies" and their impact on pop culture, box office, and cult status.



Adam - Batman: Hush(animated)

Alison - The Lion King(2019)

Roman - Hereditary and Get Out



Roman gives us his Top 5 Movie children who promote "the Pull-out Method"


Aug 9, 2019

Sit down, relax, grab a Big Kahuna Burger, and hold tight, because it's our big Quentin Tarantino episode!


Adam, Alison and Roman review and give their personal takes on "Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood"

Adam FINALLY Finished the 4-Hour Director's cut of The Hateful Eight.

Alison gives us her list of her most...

Aug 1, 2019

Adam, Roman, and Alison are joined by a special Guest, Jonathan who is in the mental health field, and also uses cinema as part of his unique therapy work.


Adam, Alison, Jonathan: Crawl

Roman: Point Blank (Netflix)

News: We discuss the announcement of the 2 Halloween sequels

List: Jonathan gives us his Top 5...