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The Cinemadness Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Happy Alien Day 2023!

Our resident Alien fanatic, Adam is here to take you on a journey through his life as an Alien fan, his reasons why he's such a fan, and what about each movie that he loves and the details he wants to share. So tune in, and let's go!

We are starting with the movie that inspired the writing of...

Apr 17, 2023

What happens when we cover 8 movies in the span of one night? Do we keep our composure and decorum when pushing the later hours of the day? 

Witness Adam and Alison running on fumes as Roman tries to keep everything organized as they cover the movies Creed and Creed II

Apr 1, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of Reel Stories From The Aisles, our bite-sized, unedited series of personal stories connected with movies that impacted our lives.

In this episode, Adam gears up for his big Alien Deep Dive event for Cinemadness with the story of his midnight premiere viewing of the alien prequel.